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Directions to our meetings.

From the North
Travel south on I-81 to PA exit # 1 Mason-Dixon Line
Merge right onto PA 163 
Go to the STOP sign, US 11
The Ruritan Park is straight across US 11

From the South
Travel north on I-81 to PA exit # 1 Mason-Dixon Line
At the traffic light turn left on PA 163
Go to the STOP sign, US 11
The Ruritan Park is straight across US 11
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The Middleburg/Mason-Dixon Line
Historical Society

Welcome to our February Meeting. Our guest speaker will be Mr. Gary Johnson. Gary's career
was spent in areas of Naval Aviation. He is an avid historian and resides in Fayetteville, PA.

Gary's topic for the evening will be:

" Whipped For Wife Beating "

Wife beating has occurred throughout history, stemming from the notion that a woman was considered to be the husbands property, and could disciplined as he saw fit.
This common practice existed in America until 1850. After the 1850's individual states began to enact laws to protect wives from such abuse. Maryland and Delaware were the only states to attempt to stop this practice by subjecting the husband to a public whipping if he was convicted of such a crime. This presentation will address the history of this law in Maryland and Pennsylvania, and look at local incidents. 
The law was last used in 1952.

As usual, tasty refreshments will be served following the program. The evening is FREE and everyone is welcome. 
On the Horizon

March 21  7:00

Our March meeting will feature Mr. Bob O'Connor as our program presenter. Bob has worked as a news-paper reporter as well as served as director of tourism for Washington County, MD where he has done tours of Antietam Battlefield and Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. He has spoken nationally at various Afro-American history and research groups about the U.S. Colored Troops. He maintains the national data-base of USCT prisoners of war from Confederate prisons. Bob is the author of numerous books about the Civil War.

This presentation will discuss the novel
" Southern Oasis at Gettysburg " which is an accurate, historical, fictional account of the northernmost Confederate hospital located at the Daniel Lady Farm. Major General Joseph Johnson's division of the army of Northern Virginia had more than 1800 casualties at Culp's Hill. Those casualties who were officers were cared for at the farmhouse, while the enlisted were treated at the barn, which was the closest hospital to the battle.

Refreshments will follow the presentation.

Host's for the evening: Sandy and Tim Manahan

All are welcome!

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