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Middleburg Grammer School Memories
Books may be purchased from any member of the Historical Society. Cost of the books is $20.00 each or both for $37.00.
     A 52 page volume of many photographs and histories from the archives of the Middleburg/Mason-Dixon Historical Society. Many of which have been donated by members and friends of the Historical Society for your enjoyment. Read about our history starting in 1812 and see many photos of the streets up thru the 1960s.
      The front cover of this 89 page volume features a 1907 view of the school where eight grades attended until 1955. In the pages you will view many photos and read about the school days you remembered most..before state-of-the-art computers in every classroom..indoor restrooms and automatic water fountains..cafeterias with good hot lunches every day..bus rides to school, etc. A school memory, how precious if the Middleburg School walls could talk to you today revealing those sweetheart secrets and activities with old friends.