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May 18, 2017  7:00

Mr. Steve French will present our program
Custer's Last Stand. June 25th 2017 mark the 141st anniversary of the Battle of Little Big Horn. It was here that the U.S. 7th Calvary suffered a notorious defeat at the hands of the Sioux and Northern Cheyenne worriers. The 7th Calvary was led by Union Civil War hero Lieutenant Colonel, George Armstrong Custer. The illustrated narrative will examine the battle's background, the fight, its aftermath, and its role in popular culture.

Steve's Bio

Steve is a retires history teacher from WV. He is the author of numerous books relating to the Civil War. His works have appeared in the Washington Times, Gettysburg Magazine, the Magazine of the Civil War Round Table U.K., and the Southern Calvary Review. Steve has appeared on TV and the internet. He speaks at various Round Tables and seminars and is a guide for Civil War tours of the lower Shenandoah Valley, Potomac Highlands and the retreat from Gettysburg.

Come and join us for this exciting and informative evening. Everyone is welcome to attend.