The Always
     The Airport Inn opened its doors as " The Always " in the early 1930's. " The Always " is the sixth in the series of cutouts of historical buildings in the State Line area. In the 1920's the Krieder/Reisner Aircraft Company had acquired the original airport landing strip bordering on U.S.11, from the Robert N. Brumbaugh farm. As the airfield developed, brother Edward C. Brumbaugh saw the opportunity to build a lunchroom and gasoline just north of the landing field. He named it " The Always ." Subsequently, it was owned and operated through toe 1940's by Charles Swartz. Later, John and Gus Malios operated the business. In 1961 Nick A. Giannarisacquired the business and in 1963 he purchased the property from the widow of Charles Swartz. An impressive evolution has transpired over the years with numerous extensions and expansions and today it is well known as " Nick's Airport Inn. " People " from all over " come to Nick's upscale inn for fine dining and relaxation.    Credit: RLH