Middleburg Grammer School
      Second in the series of cutouts of historical State Line Buildings is the Middleburg Grammer School. " School days, school days, good old golden rule days, readin' & writin' and arithmetic ". If you remember that song, you probably also remember all the fun & the good education you had while attending the Middleburg Grammer School. The school was built on the site of the previous one which had been razed because the town was growing and more space was needed for the students. This was the third and last Middleburg School, rebuilt and remodeled in 1904. It was of modern design, built of brick and with a slate roof. The two large rooms served grades i thru 4 on one side, and on the other, grades 5 thru 8. Kindergarten had not been invented yet. From 1898 until 1922 the school term was 6 1/2 months. In 1923, it was extended to 8 months and in 1941, extended again to 9 months. The teachers salary was $45 a month, and was raised in 1921 to $100 a month. Approximately 44 teachers had taught in State Line from 1893 until 1955, but the two teachers with the longest years of service were Nettie Dunahugh and Mary Binkley. The new modern building was heated by large pot belly stoves in the center of each room and fired by wood and coal. There was no electricity, running water, toilet facilities or library in the new school. In later years, electricity was added and the Franklin County Bookmobile visited the area schools with choices of books to be selected. In 1955 with the merger of the Greencastle-Antrim School District, the school was closed forever. The building was bought by the Jim Hickman family and converted into a private residence. The exterion of the building has changed little since its construction - only the bell cupola has been removed.