State Line United Methodist Church
     Eighth in the cutout series, The United Brethren In Christ Church had its beginnings in 1843 when a group called a " Class " was organized. Rev. Daniel Spessard directed the organizing effort. This same year a board of trustees was appointed for the purpose of erecting a church building. The cornerstone was laid, the building completed and dedicated all in 1843. Rev. Jacob Markwood, the presiding Elder of the Virginia Conference performed the dedication. Two pastors, Rev. Jacob Bachtel and Rev. John Richardo were serving the Middleburg Church at this time.
     Five ministers are on record as products of this congregation. One of its first members, Henry Talhelm, became a minister in the Virginia Conference in 1853. Rev. David Barnhart also became a prominent member of the clergy. Rev. George Gossard, ordained in 1898 was later president of Lebanon Valley College. Rev. Charles W. Brewbaker ordained in 1893 was an evangelist and an author of many books. Carl A. Synan was ordained in 1969 by the Ohio Miami Conference.
     The minister remembered by most older folks as being associated with this original old structure was the beloved Rev. J. A. Yost. Rev. Yost served the Middleburg community for seventeen years. These were well known " Depression Years " which were a time of hardship for the community and Pastor alike. Through these trying times Rev. Yost stayed at the helm and steered the congregation to better days. Today the congregation is of the United Methodist faith. The current building was erected in 1955 with additional space added in 1982.